Wednesday, April 4, 2012

one step closer

everyday ever since i applied to NUS,
i click the small msn messenger icon beside my start icon on the taskbar everyday

to check whether there's an email
to check whether there's hope
to check whether there's a reduction in distance between me and nus.

today after hustling and bustling at school,
i signed in to msn messenger,
the small icon on the top right corner which represent hotmail
finally got a "(1)' beside it.

only one person in my school know that special email i use to apply unis
and it isnt likely that he will email me this moment,
somemore i was rejected by NTU 3 months ago,
exactly on my birthday. (sad right. ==)

so it must be NUS.
as i grip the mouse hard,
moving the cursor to that icon,
every inch i drew closer to the icon my heart pumps faster.

this is where good internet connect a.k.a doesn't come in handy.
i though i can still go on "did they pick me ? did they no pick me? did they pick me ?" in my mind,
but the line was too damn fast, it only took 0.000001secs to load.

straight away i can see
the word "interview" is exactly representing "god damn martin, u got a chance alr."

i screamed to the top of my lungs,
hope my neighbors didnt think i was crazy or so.
but then its just a chance to go for interview nth big. (LOLs, ruining the mood myself)

Gonna work my ass off for the test.
Even trying one sem architecture in NUS i'm satisfied.

Recently good things had been happening to me once a week too.
I hope this could go on,
it really motivates me to improve myself. XD

Monday, April 2, 2012

Yes it is another new blog

I must say I don't really like to change blogs from time to time.
I do not have idiotic habits like changing a new blog every year as well.

it's just that a blog to me is to keep happy memories which last forever.
well I'm not really sure why i started blogging again,
perhaps i felt a little empty after finishing all assignments.

every time when i write stories about me and someone,
the moment when i was writing the memory was beautiful.

But life is full of surprises,
more like full of unpredictable situations.
those girlfriends whom you think can brought a change in your life,
became bitches all of a sudden, and all those fond memories you try so hard to keep in mind,
suddenly became meaningless.

those boyfriends whom you think can support you till the end
started to betray you without you noticing,
ruining a big part of the life I labeled "ideal"

all these negative stuffs were in all my previous blogs,
every time i browse the blog archives i see these used-to-be-wonderful memories
fade to black.

there's no point having a blog which contains stuff which i do not want to remember
yet deleting those post might even made those memories last longer in my mind,

so instead of filtering post all the time,
i rather make a new one.

this time i really hope this new blog can contain memories which are positive and long lasting.
i truly hope so.